How RocketPay® Works

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Create a Profile

  • Check the "Remember me" box to make future purchases from this site or other RocketPay® enabled sites faster, easier and securely.
  • Confidently and securely make purchases via RocketPay®, as your credit card info is never shared with merchants. Purchases with RocketPay® use a unique token so your credit card info remains private, the way it should be. 

One Step Purchases

  • Make purchases from any RocketPay® enabled site using your personal computer, tablet or mobile phone. Just click "submit info" - your credit card info is already filled in for you.
  • Use a different card by simply entering it. RocketPay® will securely update your card on file. What could be easier?

RocketPay Login

  • Your credit card is linked to your email address.
  • To make future purchases with RocketPay® using a different device, just enter your email address and RocketPay® will send a verification code - simply enter your unique code to securely login without having to enter your credit card number. RocketPay makes it easier to buy what you want when you want.